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Shoes for the Yuppie


When you are just starting out your career, it's important to invest in the basics as far as office wear is concerned: the crisp white polo shirt, the black pencil skirt, black slacks, etc. Most important of all (IMHO) is the classic pump. You can never go wrong with a sturdy and classic pair of shoes. 

Thea and I do a lot of walking at work, which is why I find it extremely important to invest in shoes that not only look good, but are also very comfortable. A lot of  new graduates commit the mistake of buying sky-high heels for interviews and for their first few days at work-- this is a no-no if your job will require you to stand or walk for hours on end. Better stick with modest heels or a wedge if you still wobble when  you don heels. 

For those of you who are looking to buy some classic shoes for work, here are some pairs that you might want to consider: 


Chicken Charlie


In search of the best fried chicken, we tried this fast food chain called "Chicken Charlie" located at the center of the hotels and clubs in Malate attached to the Rothman Inn Manila. "The best chicken you'll ever taste" as they say, and it's affirmative. Here's some pictures taken as we spoiled ourselves with the food they offer:

Cheese stick Dynamite ("one word lang po yan" I thought they have "dynamite" (one whole chili in a coat of creamy cheese and wrap it in wonton before a quick dip in the deep fryer) and cheese stick, but I was wrong. :D ) My blog-sister Fran loved it!
Charlie's bowl only for 59php! Chicken strips with their signature soy-garlic sauce, served with steamed rice.
Charlie's bowl, up-close.
Potato Wedges. note that it has 0-trans fat! :D
Fried Chicken, anyone? Comes in Soy garlic sauce or Hot sweet sauce
Meet the new "models" of our blog: Ms. Jhay-Jhay...
Cath and Ms. Virge who is holding a green apple yakult Popsicle.. yum!

To know more about chicken charlie, check it's website Another thing that caught our attention was their mineral water container which is the cutest! So, if you love BonChon Chicken, You will definitely fall in-love with this fried too! Happy eating and Merry Christmas from my blog-sister Fran and I

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