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Summer Must-Haves!


Oh yes! Beach, sand castles, sun.... it's summer time again. Summer's not my favorite season but I love the ocean, the sun and the feel of the sand on my feet. The Philippines has so many magnificent beaches that the tourists love to go to whenever it's winter time in their country. You can see so many foreigners around the Philippine shores, particularly the Koreans, Chinese and Caucasians. Every year, the total number of foreigners going to the Philippines increases. But before I go further into "tourism promotion" let me start the main reason why I blogged. As the title read, I will enumerate the things us girls need to have before hitting our fav summer spots:



Hand sanitizer. As soon as you decide to eat along the beach, your hands better be clean.
Flip flops! Who wouldn't love to wear fashionable and comfy slippers at the beach?
Hair accessories!

Wet wipes!

Lip balm! Your lips might get a little dry when exposed to so much heat so you got to have this ready. I prefer Maybelline's color and care lip balm.

Of course, Swim wear!

Comfy Cover-up!
Beach mat! 
Water proof bags! For only 150 php. To protect your precious gadgets.
Water Proof Digital Camera! 

Put everything that I enumerated in a.. Transparent beach bag! for you to quickly see what you need especially when your hands are full of sand or wet.

Voila! have a "fantabulous" SUMMER!

*Note that all of these pictures are not mine. 

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