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East Asian Fusion


Thea and I left the office late on Wednesday so we decided to have dinner before we headed home. We settled for Mashitta, a Japanese-Korean Fusion Restaurant.

Mashitta is a self-serve type of restaurant that students frequent as it is a stone's throw away from the De La Salle University and St. Scholastica's College.

There are sooooo many choices for the Jap and Korean cuisine and it took a while for us to pick what to eat.
Japanese Dishes

Korean dishes

Thea went with Japanese and I decided to try a Korean dish.

Thea ordered Oyakodon with an additional fried egg (she had to add Php15)

and I settled for the Kimchi fried rice

Servings are generous but taste-wise, Thea found her dish too sweet and mine not only lacked the Kimchi scent, it did not taste like Kimchi at all. At least it was spicy :)

After we wolfed down our food we had Korean ice cream for dessert. Mashitta also sells Korean ice cream which has a very creamy texture and it does not melt as easily/quickly as locally produced ice cream
Mine is the Strawberry Melona (top) and Thea had vanilla ice cream in caramel coating.

I could not get a decent picture of my ice cream, but here's Thea's

Mashitta is located on the 2nd floor of the University Mall in Taft Avenue

Rain plus Fashion


I don't usually like boots, in fact I don't even have one. But the moment I saw these rain boots, i fell in-love with it. 

This is the design I'm going gaga over. Its beauty and elegance made my heart beat faster than the usual. A bit pricey... yeah! but I do think that it is totally worth-it. Can't wait for the time when I can hold these in my arms. haha! Let the "wallet damage" begin. :D

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