Bloggers Congress 2

A few Saturdays ago, Thea and I found ourselves at our first bloggers event. If you happen to read my post on my other blog, you will know that we attended the Bloggers Congress 2 at the De La Salle University.

Test Shot while waiting for the program to start

The first blogger that was supposed to give a talk was Illustrator Blogger Christian San Jose, but he could not make it so Rob Cham stood in for him. 

Illustrator Blogger, Rob Cham

Though visibly nervous, Rob Cham proved to be an excellent stand-in for Christian Jose as he gave some highly useful tips on blogging and on following one's passions. Below are some of his works.

Some lucky girls who asked questions about Rob Cham's blogs found themselves getting prints from Rob! Lucky!

One of the four lucky girls who got prints from Rob Cham

Next was Anton Diaz, a Food Blogger who is well known for his blog and for being one of the brains behind Mercato Centrale! 

Food Blogger, Anton Diaz
What I really liked about the story behind his blog is that it was very love-driven. He started a blog which was about his wife and their kids and he aims to make the blog a memoir of sorts of their travels and food haunts. Isn't that sweet? :) 

People who live in the south who troop to Taguig for Mercato are in for a pleasant surprise. Anton Diaz and the other brilliant individuals behind Mercato have already introduced a treat for those living in the south... 

Has anyone been?! :) I think it opened on Oct 14 and I have yet to go!

The next blogger was Camille Co, the brain child of She was the blogger that actually made me go to the Bloggers Congress, HEE. I love her not only for her fashion sense, but for being a successful entrepreneur, too. She owns and designs for her brand, Coexist

Fashion Blogger, Camille Co
What I loved about her presentation was she gave a break down of her blog so that bloggers will know what sort of features one should put in a blog and how to arrange them in such a way that they would look more appealing. (Crappy pictures coming up! Sorry!)

Left Sidebar Tips
Right Sidebar Tips
Outfit Post tips

The last blogger was Saab Magalona. She admitted that she was not prepared for the first talk she had to give, nevertheless she gave a handful of useful tips on blogging and dealing with some negative stuff that some bloggers might have to deal with. She was the only blogger that made the audience laugh, too!

Celebrity Blogger, Saab Magalona

The bloggers with the DLSU students behind the Bloggers Congress during the Giving of Cerificates

There were 40 treats raffled during the Bloggers Congress and Thea and I did not get ANY. We did not get any prizes from the bloggers either as we did not have any questions during their Q&A portion. Thea and I dismissed ourselves as losers or simply unlucky... UNTIL!!!!

Saab, after the giving of certificates, remembered that she had something to give away. It was a headset which she got from Singapore. 

And from the loser raffle tickets, she picked mine! :)

My entrance ticket/raffle ticket/food stub that won me....
A South Park Headset! Which I gave to my little brother :)
Thea and I won't go home without an application of the stuff we learned from the event... And so we decided to put up our first outfit posts :)


Details of Thea's outfit


Details of my outfit

The Bloggers Congress 2 was offered so that people will keep in mind that blogging can be used as a platform to share what you know about your passions-- may that be food, fashion, lifestyle; but it can also be a powerful tool in raising awareness on health, the environment, animals and other important issues that need to be addressed. 

The brilliant DLSU students behind this event aims to offer a Bloggers Congress every term so that more and more people will be acquainted with blogging, writing and in raising awareness. Hope you take part in the next  Bloggers Congress!


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