Heat wave bazaar

Fran and I loves to go to various bazaars, and one of the bazaars we set our foot on was the heat wave bazaar at the World Trade Center. The bazaar was held last 13 - 15 April this year and as the names says, it has several summer items you can choose from. Here are some pieces of evidence, haha!

These shoes screams "Do you need a lift?" haha!
We tried this alternative way of waxing called "strip it". It turned out to be less painful because you can control the pressure on the strips. The not-so-nice things about using strip it is that it's so sticky and requires a lot of effort from the user. haha!
Make-up and stuff
Wooden key holders
Ribbons for your cellphones. Aren't they adorable?
 iphone cases that makes you wanna have an iphone
Chiffon's a hit this summer!
 Cute shoes and show boxes that caught our attention
Fran saying: "no pictures please" haha!
Gelato.. anyone?
Til' our next bazaar. Ciao!

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  1. Yeah, iphone's a big hit nowadays. Thanks for dropping by at our blog. Browsed through your blog too! nice! :)