Shop Spotlight: Therapy Bags

I have had a strong affection for bags since I was a little girl-- my Mom can actually attest to this. I could spend a whole day in various malls just checking (and buying!) bags. 

On one such visit to the mall, I visited Therapy Bags' stall in Glorietta. Among the NUMEROUS bags they had on display, this one caught my eye: 

Cute, no? :)

Apart from bags they also sell cute trinkets. 

Now my visit to the kiosk was not just to look at the bags they had; I was also looking for a particular chain bracelet they had which was sold out at the bazaar Thea and I visited a few weeks prior to this visit (You can read about it HERE). And luckily for me, I found it in their Glorietta kiosk!

Do visit their kiosk in Glorietta! It's a quaint place but full of nice stuff :)

Therapy Bags
Teen Zone
3/F Glorietta 3

You can also check their products on Facebook and Multiply :)

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